Our Solutions

Making IT General Controls (ITGC) smart, simple and valuable is our mission


Integrate all IT-assets with AudITech & monitor all ITGCs for all systems


Run comprehensive IT-audits easily and on-demand


Pass external audits easily with credible AudITech reports auditors trust

Maintain complete ITGC Controls across all domains

Access Controls

Easily monitor and manage access-controls for every folder, every user, every database and every password.

Change Management

Maintain integrity of cloud-environment segregation, developer production-access, QA approvals and more.

Computer Operations

Simplify interface & jobs management. Never miss critical systems, database and server backup cycles.

Achieve full ITGC Audit Independence & peace of mind

We’ll guide you through your first ITGC Audit in minutes. Learn to create fast, official, trusted ITGC reports recognized by IT-auditors

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