Your IT assets could be leveraged to increase control over
IT management across your enterprise

AudITech gives CFOs, CIOs & Compliance Officers effortless independence
to create, monitor & maintain flawless IT General Controls

Maintain complete ITGC Controls across all domains

Access Controls

Easily monitor and manage access-controls for every folder, every user, every database and every password.

Change Management

Maintain integrity of cloud-environment segregation, developer production-access, QA approvals and more.

Computer Operations

Simplify interface & jobs management. Never miss critical systems, database and server backup cycles.

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Log-in, audit all IT assets in minutes
& stop worrying about ITGC gaps

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Log into AudITech &
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Select the IT Systems
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Easily see compliance
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Get credible ITGC reports
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Making IT General Controls (ITGC) smart, simple and valuable is our mission

End2End ITGC Automation

It’s time to rethink traditional IT General Controls (ITGC)

AudITech puts simple, smart and valuable ITGC right at the fingertips of the right people. Making ITGC, simple and valuable is our mission.


Integrate all IT-assets with AudITech & monitor all ITGCs for all systems


Run comprehensive ITGC
easily and on-demand


Pass external audits easily with credible AudITech reports auditors trust

Client Testimonials

As a Partner at PwC Israel, leading the audit digitization process, I truly believe that automation is the future of auditing, including in IT General Controls. I see many clients struggling with ITGC documentation and testing procedures. Despite the name, IT General Controls are normally very manual and require a lot of work. 
AudITech is the only solution I’ve seen so far which helps not only to automate the ITGC process but also to automatically create supporting documents and working papers. I believe that companies implementing this solution will not only save a lot of valuable time but will also have better visibility of their ITGCs’ status and compliance prior to the audit. 

Lior Mistriel

Partner at PwC Israel Head of Digital Audit, Risk Assurance Services

The one thing I don’t have enough of is time, so automating ITGC audits was instantly appealing. AudITech drastically cut down the time (and therefore the cost associated) with our IT audits. It’s one less thing for me to worry about and it took no time at all to get going with it. Literally, a few clicks of a button and the reports were ready. I used to hate audit time but now it’s always running and no manpower is wasted. It’s a win-win.

Liza Ohayan

Chief Financial Officer

The team at AudITech delivered professionalism along with their unmatched service for us! We gathered some great results and findings. Great job!

Nethanel Yifrach

Director - Finance Strategic & Tax

Working with AudITech was simply fantastic! Our IT, finance, and compliance teams are happy with the results and the service. Both far exceeded our expectations.

Ludmila Rossbach

Sox specialist

Achieve full ITGC Audit Independence & peace of mind

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