We are AudITech

Founded by former Big 4 Auditors

We’ve seen in real time the challenges and hurdles organisations encounter navigating the maze of IT General Controls compliance.

Discover how AudITech’s ITGC Solution brings insider’s knowledge and peace-of-mind to how you approach the challenge of ITGC assurance.

We used to help global brands navigate the long, winding road of traditional ITGC compliance. Then we built AudITech. The straightest line between you and complete, continual IT General Controls assurance.

About Us

About us

We were Big 4 consultants frustrated by the inefficiencies we witnessed daily of traditional routes businesses take to establish IT General Controls. So, we built AudITech, pouring years of hard-earned industry insight into creating a smart, simple and valuable straight-line alternative for maintaining ongoing ITGC assurance. The hard work paid off. Today AudITech is backed and powered by the VAT IT Group – the world’s biggest, RegTech Group and the leading service for tax-reclaim and compliance.


About VAT IT Group

VAT IT uses cloud-based platforms to deliver industry-leading services to over 15000 global clients, multinationals and fortune 500 companies. With over 40 global branches servicing clients in over 107 countries, VAT IT is the largest organization of its kind on the planet.

Meet the team

Eli Edry

Chief Executive Officer

Roni Beeri

Chief Operating Officer

Shani Ben Ari

Head of Customer Service

Achieve full ITGC Audit Independence & peace of mind

We’ll guide you through your first ITGC Audit in minutes. Learn to create fast, official, trusted ITGC reports recognized by IT-auditors

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